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What We Offer?

Open Access

Open access is a mechanism by which research outputs are distributed online, free of cost . With open access strictly defined, barriers to copying or reuse are also reduced or removed by applying an open license for copyright.

Special Issue

Some scholarly journals publish special issues from time to time as part of the journal volume offering. Special issues draw together a range of contributions on a given theme and allow for more in-depth treatment of a topic than is normally possible within a single journal issue.

Conference management

Conference management in scientific era relates to the executive management of a conference either in-house within a scientific institute or university or joint collaboration, for clients.


Free & Open Access

Our Medium called as International Journal of Innovative Technology and Interdisciplinary Sciences (IJITIS) is Free and Open Access.

Extremely Easy to Submit

To submit your article, technical paper or letter into our journal, the system is designed such a way that the author feels comfortable and ease to use.

Consultation By High Ranked Experts

Providing a comprehensive list of international experts and scientist to consult or get linked for your future potential.

Open Access Honored

Informing scientists, scholars and the public about the benefits of OA journals, about the important role of publishers in the publication process and on the various political and policy developments stimulating OA publishing.


Bring your online presence to a whole new scientific achievements, future works and developments.


Facilitating to held scientific conferences with universities, academics hosts or industrial companies all around the world.

Scientific Consultation from anyWhere at anyTime

The way to creative thinking passes through consultation by Mail, a distance mentoring for students or early stage researchers from anywhere.

At home or in the workplace, Scientific consultation by Mail provide talented persons with the chance to challenge themselves by motivation and enrichment in their expertise. Our service can deliver in local language if the expert exists. these are online mentoring that can be accessed at anyTime and from anyWhere.