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Mohammad Gheibi Appointed as CEO of TULTECH

We are excited to announce that Mohammad Gheibi has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Talent Under Liberty in Technology (TULTECH), effective immediately.

With his extensive experience in research and development, coupled with his visionary leadership, Mohammad Gheibi is well-positioned to lead TULTECH into its next phase of growth and innovation.

Please join us in congratulating Mohammad on his new role and wishing him success in his endeavours as CEO of TULTECH.

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Psychologists have shown that GPT-3 has the same level of reasoning ability as a college student

Posted on 4 August, 2023 by Charlotte Lee

Psychologists have shown that GPT-3 has the same level of reasoning ability as a college student


Standardised test-like logic problems were no match for the artificial intelligence language model GPT-3, which performed as well as college students. The experiment's authors argue that their findings raise the question of whether the technology is emulating human thinking or employing a novel cognitive mechanism. To get an answer, you'd need to go inside the code that powers GPT-3 and other AI programmes.

UCLA psychologists have shown that the AI language model GPT-3 does as well as college freshmen when presented with the types of reasoning difficulties normally seen in IQ testing and standardised exams like the SAT. Nature Human Behaviour has published the study.
However, the authors of the publication state that the research prompts the following question: Is GPT-3 employing a fundamentally different form of cognitive process, or is it just a result of its large language training dataset that makes it behave like a human brain?
Since OpenAI, the business that developed GPT-3, is protecting its secretive inner workings, the scientists at UCLA cannot definitively comment on the nature of GPT-3's reasoning skills. They also note that despite GPT-3's impressive performance in some areas of reasoning, the widely used AI tool still falls short in others.
"It's important to emphasise that this system has major limitations," said Taylor Webb, the study's first author and a postdoctoral researcher in psychology at UCLA.
Forty first-year students at UCLA were given the identical issues to tackle by the researchers.
According to the study's principal author and UCLA psychology professor Hongjing Lu: "Surprisingly, not only did GPT-3 do about as well as humans but it made similar mistakes as well."
GPT-3 was successful at solving 80% of the questions, which is above the average score of slightly around 60% for human participants and within the range of the top human scores.
The only way to find out is to gain access to the programme and the data used to train the software, and then to give the software tests that it hasn't already been given, which is a daunting task. They claimed it would be the next stage in determining the proper direction for AI.

Webb said that "having the backend to GPT models would be very useful for AI and cognitive researchers." To paraphrase, "We're just doing inputs and getting outputs, and it's not as decisive as we'd like it to be."


source: sciencedaily.com/releases/2023/07/230731110750.htm

Today In History

Here are some interesting facts ih history happened on 15 June.

  1. BC Assyrians record total solar eclipse event on clay tablet
  2. King John signs Magna Carta at Runnymede England
  3. Battle of Kossovo; Turks defeat Serbs - Bosnians
  4. Pope threatens to toss Luther out of Catholic Church
  5. NJ established
  6. Ben Franklin's kite is struck by lightning-What a shock
  7. Washington appointed commander-in-chief of American Army
  8. 2 French balloonists die in world's 1st fatal aviation accident
  9. 12th Amendment ratified manner of choosing President & VP
  10. Arkansas becomes 25th state
  11. Goodyear patents vulcanization of rubber
  12. Oregon Treaty signed - setting US-British boundary at 49ø N
  13. SF Water Works organized
  14. Robert E Lee's home area (Arlington Va) turned into a milt cemetery
  15. 1st attempt at motion pictures (used 12 cameras taking 1 picture) done to see if all 4 of a horse's hooves leave the ground
  16. Justin Clark of Corsicana - Tx minors hits 8 home runs in 1 game
  17. General Slocum boat catches fire; over a thousand die
  18. 44 nations meet in 2nd Hague Peace Conference
  19. 1st flight across Atlantic (Alcock & Brown)
  20. Native Americans are proclaimed US citizens
  21. France surrenders to Hitler
  22. American forces begin invasion of Saipan in Pacific
  23. 1st coml electronic computer dedicated Phila
  24. Yanks trade Billy Martin & Ralph Terry for Ryne Duran
  25. Gov Reagan signs liberalized California abortion bill
  26. Soyuz 19 launched
  27. Yankees trade May - Martinez - Pagan - MacGregor & Demsey to Baltimore for Holtzman - Alexander - Grant Jackson - Elrod Henrick & Jim Freeman
  28. Spain's 1st free elections since 1936
  29. Soyuz 29 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 6; they stay 139 days
  30. Riots in Argentina after Falklands/Malvinas defeat
  31. Pravda announces high-level Chernobyl staff fired for stupidity