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Mohammad Gheibi Appointed as CEO of TULTECH

We are excited to announce that Mohammad Gheibi has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Talent Under Liberty in Technology (TULTECH), effective immediately.

With his extensive experience in research and development, coupled with his visionary leadership, Mohammad Gheibi is well-positioned to lead TULTECH into its next phase of growth and innovation.

Please join us in congratulating Mohammad on his new role and wishing him success in his endeavours as CEO of TULTECH.

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Completion of Workshop on Water Recling Simulation and Modelling: Unlocking the Future of Water Management

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Workshop on Kinetics & Isothermal Adsorption Modeling Water Treatment

Workshop on Kinetics and Isothermal Adsorption Modelling for Water Treatment

Date: June 28, 2024; Duration: 3 hours (Online)

TULTECH is excited to present a one-day workshop focusing on kinetics and isothermal adsorption modelling for water treatment processes
This workshop focuses on the principles and applications of kinetics and isothermal adsorption modelling in water treatment processes. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts, mathematical models, and practical implications of these techniques in purifying water for various purposes.

Key Topics:

  • Water treatment processes
  • Mass Transfer concepts
  • Two- and three-parameter isothermal models
  • Kinematic modelling
  • Thermodynamic modelling
  • Post-Workshop Manuscript Development


Dr. Sonila Vito
University of Tirana, Albania

Dr. Mohammad Eftekhari
University of Neyshabur, Iran

Ing. Mohammad Gheibi
Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic

Registration Details:

Workshop Fee: 110 Euro

Registration Deadline: June 10, 2024

Full Waiver Option Available (For applicants facing financial difficulties, TULTECH offers a full fee waiver as part of its mission for Education Beyond Limits.)

Publication Opportunity:
Participants have the unique chance to develop a manuscript during the workshop, with the possibility of publication in the Environmental Industry Letters (EIL) journal (ISSN: 2806-2965).

Post-workshop support for extended versions in Q1 journals is also available.

Join us in Exploring the Future of Water Recycling and Modelling!

Register HERE!

Education Beyond Limits

28 June, 2024 - 28 June, 2024


Published by Charlotte Lee

Today In History

Here are some interesting facts ih history happened on 15 June.

  1. BC Assyrians record total solar eclipse event on clay tablet
  2. King John signs Magna Carta at Runnymede England
  3. Battle of Kossovo; Turks defeat Serbs - Bosnians
  4. Pope threatens to toss Luther out of Catholic Church
  5. NJ established
  6. Ben Franklin's kite is struck by lightning-What a shock
  7. Washington appointed commander-in-chief of American Army
  8. 2 French balloonists die in world's 1st fatal aviation accident
  9. 12th Amendment ratified manner of choosing President & VP
  10. Arkansas becomes 25th state
  11. Goodyear patents vulcanization of rubber
  12. Oregon Treaty signed - setting US-British boundary at 49ø N
  13. SF Water Works organized
  14. Robert E Lee's home area (Arlington Va) turned into a milt cemetery
  15. 1st attempt at motion pictures (used 12 cameras taking 1 picture) done to see if all 4 of a horse's hooves leave the ground
  16. Justin Clark of Corsicana - Tx minors hits 8 home runs in 1 game
  17. General Slocum boat catches fire; over a thousand die
  18. 44 nations meet in 2nd Hague Peace Conference
  19. 1st flight across Atlantic (Alcock & Brown)
  20. Native Americans are proclaimed US citizens
  21. France surrenders to Hitler
  22. American forces begin invasion of Saipan in Pacific
  23. 1st coml electronic computer dedicated Phila
  24. Yanks trade Billy Martin & Ralph Terry for Ryne Duran
  25. Gov Reagan signs liberalized California abortion bill
  26. Soyuz 19 launched
  27. Yankees trade May - Martinez - Pagan - MacGregor & Demsey to Baltimore for Holtzman - Alexander - Grant Jackson - Elrod Henrick & Jim Freeman
  28. Spain's 1st free elections since 1936
  29. Soyuz 29 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 6; they stay 139 days
  30. Riots in Argentina after Falklands/Malvinas defeat
  31. Pravda announces high-level Chernobyl staff fired for stupidity